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Bruce Burton Milking Yard Farm

Bruce Burton Milking Yard Farm 19 November 2014

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We have been working closely with James from The Meat Room now for about 9 months.

The Meat Room are extremely skilled and professional and have provided us with critical advice and support that is helping us shape our products for customers.

We have a great partnership and I would highly recommend them to other small producers.

Geoff Jansz Photo

Geoff Jansz Chef 4 November 2014

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My greatest professional pleasure is working with passionate people who uphold the highest standards in food.... Not because they’re forced to, but because it is in their blood, it's how they choose to live, it's their identity.

These Artisans execute a skill and knowledge that inspires me to greater heights with my cooking. James Mele from The Meat Room is one such person.

Through The Meat Room I have been able to source outstanding rare breed pigs and then work with them to create amazing charcuterie. To achieve success in this demanding branch of cooking one needs skilful butchering, precise recipes, cool temperature working conditions, powerful, hygienic and razor sharp commercial equipment and a strong intuition based on experience. The Meat Room delivers.

I look forward to an ongoing personal and professional relationship with James and believe The Meat Room will grow to be known everywhere as the centre of excellence that it already is.

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Anthony Kumnick Owner Greenvale Farm 4 November 2014

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Greenvale Farm provides produce to some of the top restaurants and retail outlets in Victoria and as such the quality of our product must meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We have engaged James at The Meat Room on numerous occasions for both one off adhoc requirements and more regular contractual work and in all instances the team at The Meat Room have been thoroughly professional and work with us to deliver a product of the highest quality.

The way in which James operates goes beyond a butchering relationship and extends into a consultative role in which advice is given with regard to maximisation of the meat in terms of yield, flavour and marketing.

I have no hesitation in continuing to engage The Meat Room and highly recommend their work.