The Meat Room

James Mele

Both James parents and their families were deeply involved in the meat industry in Australia and in Italy and experienced in wholesale and retail trade.

James did not start his career in the butchering trade, but like many family businesses he was exposed to it at an early age. He spent holidays with his father and uncles going to the Newmarket Saleyards and remembers being mesmerised by the sights of the livestock being drafted, penned and watching the auctioneer selling pens of cattle.

As a child, James would work with his father on Saturday mornings at his butcher shop in Melbourne, James mastered the art of making traditional Italian sausage and learnt at a young age the value of exceptional customer service.

Living in Kilmore East, James has had the opportunity to work with many producers including pork, lamb and beef throughout regional Victoria. He was exposed to their passion for produce but also their frustrations of finding a butcher who would work with them on presentation and packaging.

James could see a potential for setting up a Primesafe approved facility to help small farmers process their produce. In 2012 James built the facility to fulfil the needs of producers and quickly starting working with them to develop presentation and packaging options. When you visit James, take a stroll through his kitchen garden and you will see that he has spent many years growing herbs such as rosemary, basil, garlic, parsley and chilli.