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All food trails lead to Griffith Italian Festa

Friends 🕔August 3, 2014 0 comments

We kicked off our tour early on Saturday morning so we can see our friends at White Clover Park in Dingee, a free range rare breed NASSA organic farm. Set on 80 acres we were immediately impressed by the set up and how passionate about organic produce Robert and Aristi were. Their family welcomed us and we were treated to a beautiful spread of food made by Aristi. Aristi made us a traditional lamb stifado which was by far the best we have had a chance to eat. It was hard to leave White Clover Park but we had to get to Farm253 at Koondrook before sunset.

So just an hour up the road we met up with Niki and Laurie from Farm253 who have purchased some free range pigs. We met these guys at a recent salami making course and we were very keen to see what they were doing and what their future plans, Niki makes her own jams and we were treated to an anitpasto plate of cured meats, homemade chutney and breads. James knew Marcel was keen to get going to Griffith so they said good-by to their new friends.

The Festa Delle Salsicce (Festival of the Sausage) 2014 kicked off in Griffith on Sunday, we travelled up to see what was happening in one of Australia’s largest rural Italian population.

The atmosphere and culture of this event truly made us feel like we were at one of the many Italian festivals that we had experienced in Italy before. We ate, we drank, we talked and experienced… it was a brilliant day and one we will be longing for in 2015.