The Meat Room

Salami Making

The art of making the perfect salami is a talent worth bragging about. Those who have mastered the skill are held in high regard at many Italian tables. There are none better than James of The Meat Room and between them they have over 45 years of salami making experience.

Traditionally making salami in the winter ensures you have a cool place to hang your salami while it is curing.

If you’re interested in making salami at home, The Meat Room can assist with finding the best salami pigs for you to use, please contact us by April each year to ensure you get the right pork for your needs. Please contact us now to pre-order your pork.

Our Salami Making Classes are back on, and booking up quickly. If you want to learn how to make the tastiest salami in the Southern Hemisphere, then check out our Salami Making Classes.